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Sports & Drinks Pairings From Around The World

March 10, 2017

Let’s set the scene; it’s the weekend, and your favourite sport is on. You and your mates decide to grab some drinks with the game. What do you order? This infographic on sports and drinks takes you all around the world pairing alcoholic beverages with different kinds of sports, giving you some interesting, fun facts along the way.

Remember the Piña Colada song? Originally, Robert Holmes’ 1979 smash was titled ‘Escape’, but nobody called it by its name, so he was forced to change it. The tropical drink which originated in Puerto Rico, is a drink for hot weather and sunshine, as is beach volleyball. The two are a perfect pairing!

What cocktail does the British secret agent, James Bond, drink? Being associated with excitement and danger, the Martini is the ideal drink for Formula One. Martinis usually use gin. However, Sean Connery’ James Bond asks for a vodka Martini – it used to be called a ‘kangaroo cocktail’, which sounds a lot less glamorous.

A cold ale served from a tap or bottle is a staple beverage when it comes to sports. Beer and football go hand in hand – or pint glass in hand. You only need to visit a pub on match day to see how it came about. For safety reasons, alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed in football stadiums. American football, the American version of the sport requires an American staple served ice-cold from the bottle. A fun fact from the infographic reveals that almost all beer labels in the US are approved by one man alone – that’s a lot of labels for one man! Likewise, a good Irish sport should have a classic Irish stout. Therefore, <a href=”https://www.sbo.net/gaelic-games/”Gaelic football associates itself with a pint of Guinness which ideally should be ‘double poured’ over 119.5 seconds at 6 degrees Celsius. No matter which beer you’re sipping on, one thing’s certain, hold the froth, please!

What should you drink while watching the ‘corrida de toros’, or better known as bullfighting? A chilled glass of sangria with chopped fruit, is the answer, as both are of Spanish heritage. The name ‘sangria’ is thought to come from the Spanish word for blood, ‘sangre’, which speaks of the violence involved in the barbaric sport of bullfighting.
The strong spirits are teamed up with wrestling, a strength-based sport. Lucha Libre is a hot-blooded, traditional Mexican game that demands a hard, traditional drink like tequila. The higher quality, 100% agave tequila, is sipped slowly rather than taken as a shot. Similarly, sake and sumo wrestling have a rich Japanese history, and while they’re enjoyed around the world, the majority of interest in each is still focused in Japan. See our infographic for an interesting fact about a sake brewing tradition.

The most unusual pairing on the list is a brandy and coke with rugby. While not a popular combination globally, in South Africa it’s considered a classic coupling. Given South Africa’s stellar reputation for the sport, it makes perfect sense! To the Springboks, it’s also known as ‘Karate Water’ due to fights breaking out after a few too many drinks.
Jägerbombs, the trendy party-starting shot (which happen to be my favourite drink), along with snowboarding, have become staples of young adult ski lodge culture – though hopefully not at the same time. Some of you must be wondering what the heck a Jägerbomb is. Well, to put your mind at rest, it’s not fatal. It’s a shot of Jägermeister dunked in a glass of Red Bull. Line up ten on the bar, and you have a ‘Jägertrain’!

What cocktail would you combine with fishing? Due to the movements of fish, fishing is often an early morning pursuit. Accordingly, a drink that suits dawn is necessary. Take a gander at our infographic for the answer and even more alcoholic pairings.

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