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Bodog88 Sports Review

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Bodog88 Sports Summary

Experienced online gamblers are more than familiar with the reputable Bodog brand. It has long been regarded as one of the leading sports bookmakers and has now become a premier sports betting destination for players across Asia.

With an innovative and fearless approach, Bodog88 sports is on track to become an unstoppable force in the region thanks to their comprehensive understanding of how to best satisfy players from the Asian market.

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  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Mastercard, Visa
  • Restricted Countries: USA, Hong Kong, Philippines.
  • Languages: English, Mandarin.

Bodog88 Features

  • Outstanding reputation, safety, and support
  • Insanely fast deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Exceptional welcome offers and VIP rewards system
  • Innovative betting markets and competitive odds
  • Bitcoin deposits welcome

The Sports You Love and Some Exciting New Options

Considering that Bodog88 belongs to the world-renowned Bodog brand, it’s unsurprising to see that Bodog88 sports hosts an impressive range of sports and events for members. There are currently more than 25 options available for Bodog88 members, and the list is continually updated to include seasonal sports and experimental markets, as well.

There’s nothing unusual about Bodog88’s most popular sports markets; soccer, basketball, and tennis all feature in the main navigation menu on the desktop and mobile website. Almost every other major sport is available for betting at Bodog88, as well, which means that bettors don’t have to stray away from the site to place a bet on a relatively unknown sports event.

Rather than filling the main navigation menu with American sports that are relatively unpopular on this side of the world, Bodog88 sports is heavily promoting some of their more innovative markets to date. Right next to the likes of those major sports we mentioned earlier, you’ll also find esports, virtual sports, and Numbers Game, all of which have proved to be exciting additions to the typical offerings of a bookmaker.

Esports, in particular, is remarkably popular in the East Asia region and Bodog88 is doing an excellent job of catering to fans in this area. The esports category is extensive, and at the time of writing there were markets for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and even NBA 2K. As esports continues to grow in popularity, thanks to major competitions such as the Overwatch League in North America, Bodog88 will already have established themselves as a leader in the industry.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a fast-paced and exciting online betting experience, Bodog88 sports is the right bookie for you. The virtual sports section is exceptionally advanced and features ‘virtual’ leagues for soccer, basketball, and many more sports, allowing you to bet on these matches every five minutes. You’ll have access to statistics, standings, and of course, all of the results so that you can research the virtual teams before placing a bet.

If every five minutes isn’t quick enough for you, then you’ll want to have a crack at Numbers Game, a lottery-style simulation, which pays out winners every 120 seconds.

Overall, Bodog88 sports has all of the regular events that you know and love, in addition to many unfamiliar options that you might want to experiment with.

Choose Your Bonus and a Brilliant Loyalty Program

Are you a lover of gigantic welcome offers and exciting promotions for new members? We are too!

We reviewed everything that Bodog88 sports promises new members and discovered some unbelievable campaigns for visitors from China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

One of the promotions, in particular, allows users to customize their welcome bonus. Would you rather a massive bonus that required 14x turnover, or would you prefer a smaller bonus that you could access faster after turning it over just 8 times? That’s entirely up to you, as Bodog88 is offering ‘big’ or ‘fast’ bonuses for new members.

That’s not all, though, because Bodog88 sports are continually updating their promotions to attract new members across Asia. We highly recommend visiting the site and seeing what’s on offer at the moment.

In addition to their remarkable welcome offers, Bodog88’s VIP Club is another excellent feature. Players are rewarded for placing bets and can gain access to exclusive bonuses, VIP events, and gifts. As you progress through the loyalty tier levels, you’ll unlock additional benefits that will make your relationship with Bodog88 worthwhile.

We welcome any type of VIP Club or Loyalty Program with a bookmaker because members should be rewarded for playing with the one brand over time. Bodog88’s VIP Club looks like one of the best loyalty programs available, and it will certainly help keep you engaged and excited to bet with Bodog88 sports over an extended period.

New Design Is Now Perfect for Mobile

Bodog88 recently made a series of controversial changes to their website design and layout. Don’t let that frighten you, of course, because the changes proved to only be a hindrance to seasoned members of the Bodog88 website who had become attached to the old version of the site.

The new version of the Bodog88 sports website features high-quality graphics, easy-to-use navigation screens, and an unbelievably fast mobile experience for those who are placing bets from their phone. Overall, it’s a significant upgrade, but it does take some time to get used to.

Again, much like the way they have chosen to include innovative markets in their sports section, Bodog88 isn’t interested in following the lead from others in the online gambling industry and are instead implementing groundbreaking technologies to improve the user experience.

You’ll quickly find that the Bodog88 website stands out from the pack. It looks like no other online betting destination. That can be a problem for some bettors who prefer to see the ‘same old’ layout and design. Sometimes, though, as Bodog88 clearly realises, the old ways are not always the best ways.

Bodog88’s forward-thinking redesign has led to one of the most enjoyable mobile betting experiences online. The site feels clean, simple, and easy to use. It’s also ridiculously fast and allows for swift live, in-play betting opportunities.

We tested the website across many devices (PC, Android, iPhone, and tablets) and found that the overall performance and features of the site remained consistent on every platform.

However, Bodog88 aren’t going to escape our review scot-free. Bodog88’s decision to remove the search feature from their website is bizarre. This proved to be a painful change for users who were used to Bodog88’s old layout, but newer members don’t seem worried by the change considering that the update allows members to quickly choose a sport or event from the navigation menu with ease.

Veteran users of Bodog88’s website were also disappointed to see that the live sports view does not include statistics, meaning that users would need to source their statistics from elsewhere when placing a live, in-play bet. While we do appreciate the additional information from sports bookmakers when placing a live bet, we weren’t impacted by the removal of this feature because we generally only bet on sports we are watching live anyway. Additionally, we find that the live betting experience is significantly improved when statistics, displays, and graphics are not shown on the mobile website because it allows for faster loading speeds.

While Bodog88’s innovative new design might take you a while to learn the ropes, you’ll likely find it to be one of the fastest and most convenient online betting sites in the industry.

Speedy Payments and Bitcoin-Friendly

When it comes to depositing money and withdrawing your winnings, Bodog88 sports stacks up extremely well against the competition.

Bodog88 doesn’t offer an extensive range of payment methods, as is typical in this region, but they have chosen a couple of very reliable processes to ensure that all payments are fast, easy, and free.

Every deposit and withdrawal method is completely free at Bodog88, a feature that we found to be a much-welcomed one considering that more and more bookmakers are starting to tax on small fees that add up significantly over time.

Visa, Mastercard, and QuickPay deposits are instantly delivered to your account. Bank transfers are surprisingly fast, as well, and these transactions will be completed in less than five minutes in China or within 30 minutes elsewhere.

Talking about welcome surprises, though, we have to give Bodog88 sports some major points for allowing Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Many of today’s ‘leading’ bookmakers are still yet to catch up with the times and merely offer card or bank transfer payments. Bodog88 is stepping it up once again by catering to users of cryptocurrency.

VISAFreeInstantVaries by currency
MastercardFreeInstantVaries by currency
Bank transferFreeWithin 30 minutesVaries by currency
BitcoinFreeWithin 15 minutesVaries by currency
QuickpayFreeInstantVaries by currency
ATM/Over the counterFreeWithin 30 minutesVaries by currency

While we were a little discouraged to see that Bodog88 offers just two withdrawal methods for users, our disappointment was quickly forgotten when we saw that Bank Transfer and Bitcoin withdrawals are completed within 30 minutes. These withdrawal speeds are some of the quickest we have ever seen in the industry, and we are amazed that Bodog88 can offer such rapid withdrawal speeds for their members.

Bank transferFreeWithin 30 minutesVaries by currency
BitcoinFreeWithin 30 minutesVaries by currency

Bodog88’s payment methods follow suit with what we have come to expect from the rest of their product so far. The recurring theme is that the options are relatively limited, but they well and truly exceed our expectations with what they do offer.

Bodog88 Sports Is a Safe Bet for Betting in Asia

Bodog88 sports have expanded their reach across East Asia and have now penetrated most of the market here. If you are located in Hong Kong or the Philippines, you are out of luck, for now. These two countries, along with the United States of America, are restricted from creating an account and placing bets at Bodog88.

Sports bettors from China, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, and many more in the East Asia region can now access Bodog88’s revamped website and place bets on their favourite sports.

‘Heads up! Bodog88 defaults to Mandarin for every first-time user. If you’re confused about how to switch the language (like we were), you can find the language switcher hidden at the very bottom of the website.’

Bodog88 offers Mandarin and English versions of their website, which is a surprising decision considering the cultural diversity of their users. However, we found that this isn’t a significant problem because most browsers now have built-in translation software. It’s not ideal, but it’s enough to make your way around the site and locate all of the features.

Thankfully, Bodog88 does cater to a couple more regions when it comes to permitted currencies. Members can deposit, play, and withdraw their Chinese Yuan, Malaysian Ringgit, Thai Baht, and United States Dollars, quickly and easily. If you’re one who enjoys the benefits of using cryptocurrency, you might want to use Bodog88’s Bitcoin payment feature to make deposits and withdrawals.

We’re genuinely excited that many of our visitors from the East Asian region now have access to a legitimate, world-class online sports betting brand. Since Bodog88 is physically located in the Philippines and has no establishments in countries such as China, Malaysia, or Thailand, they can operate in these countries without risk.

Keep an eye on Bodog88 as they continue to release new and exciting features and welcome campaigns for sports fans!

Security Updates and 24/7 Support

Those who are familiar with the Bodog brand will know that they have always prioritised safety and security for their members. Their standards have always been world-class, but now, with their most recent update, Bodog88 has lifted their safety and security to new levels.

Bodog88 had always used the classic sign-in method of providing an email and password. This was once the norm across the industry, and many sites still use an email and password combination to log members in today. However, recent industry research indicates that an account number and PIN – similar to the method that online banks use – is far superior in terms of security and convenience. In 2018, Bodog88 overhauled their login system to meet these new security standards, and all members were issued an account number and PIN.

When it comes to payments and banking, Bodog88 utilises SSL digital encryption to protect your personal information. SSL encryption is the golden standard across the online banking and gambling industries, so you can be sure that your data is secure when processing payments with Bodog88.

Bodog88 sports has also taken additional measures to ensure that members are secure when using Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw from their account. The brand enforces a strict one-use policy for Bitcoin addresses, helping to keep your stash safe.

If you do happen to run into any unexpected difficulties, you will be in safe hands as the Mandarin and English customer service teams are available all day, every day. Members can communicate with customer support over the phone, live chat, or e-mail 24/7. Customer support is also available for members from Thailand, as the Thai speaking staff are available from 1 pm to 10 pm (+7 GMT) from Monday to Friday. We are hoping that Bodog88 can offer localised support for other countries in the area soon!

We’re more than satisfied with the high-level safety, security, and support standards that Bodog88 sports have established for members in East Asia.

Our Verdict – A Leading Asian Bookmaker

Thanks to an appreciation of Asian culture and an understanding of what players from the region are currently searching for in a bookmaker, Bodog88 has delivered a tailored experience that delivers excitement, value, and safety to its players.

We’re mightily impressed by Bodog88’s desire to introduce new and exciting features to players in this region. With a mobile-friendly design, the inclusion of Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, and 24/7 support for Mandarin and English speaking players, Bodog88 sports has exceeded all of our expectations.

What are you waiting for? If you’re in Asia and looking for a trusted bookmaker to place your bets with, go right ahead and make the most of one of Bodog88’s many excellent welcome promotions before they disappear!