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Feverbet Sportsbook Review

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Feverbet Summary

Feverbet sportsbook is an Italian online sports betting site. It’s aimed at Italian bettors and, as such, is only available in the Italian language. Its only been in existence since 2015 and so is relatively new to the bookie market but with a classy, clean design and some enticing offers, it’s not taken long to find its place in the market.

  • US Players: No
  • Site founded: 2015
  • License: Italy
  • Bonus: 100% up to €100
  • Bonus Rollover: Points based up to 30%
  • Last Updated: 13/02/2018
  • Mobile Compatible: Yes
  • Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa, Postepay, Skrill, Paypal

Feverbet Features

  • Classy website design
  • Mobile compatible
  • 100% welcome bonus

Feverbet Pros

  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Great bonus
  • Well presented sportsbook

Feverbet Cons

  • Only available to Italian bettors

While its online casino is its main attraction, its bookie gives other sites competing in the same field a run for their money. This nicely functioning and intuitive site makes placing a wager a relatively straightforward and pleasant experience, helped by the support of software companies such as NetEnt and WorldMatch.

It attracts new punters with an alluring bonus – 100% up to $100 – and offers a follow-up bonus, which is points based, quite complicated(!) and essentially depends on the size of your initial deposit.

Feverbet offers a wide range of sports – soccer being its lead sport – but from the thrills and spills of F1 to the brutality and skill of Ice Hockey, and most sports in between, sports fans and bettors from across the board are catered for.

Stylish & Clean

First impressions tend to count for quite a lot given the large and ever-growing number of bookmakers out there, and on that score, Feverbet sportsbook delivers nicely. Compared to many of its rivals, the site is extremely well-presented, stylish and has a classy feel. Its home page has just two revolving ads at the top – one for the sportsbook and another for the site’s bonuses – and below them are three enticing-looking links: Sport, Casino, and Poker.

In order to enter any of these areas it’s necessary to register – an easy task if you’re Italian, less so if you’re not – but once you’ve done so there are plenty of goodies on offer. Below the three main icons, there are some fun-looking slots and games, all of which will be one click away to registered users.

Assuming you pass all the checks and balances to become a ‘member’, one click on ‘Sport’ will take you into a sportsbook that’s more than a little pleasing to the eye.

The main body of the page has a classic black, white and green theme and uses the now traditional, main body with a left and right sidebar layout. It is set against a sporting background that, one assumes, changes sport from time to time. At the time of this review, it was a football pitch.

The left sidebar is headed by a ‘preferences’ box that offers the punter the option of selecting their favorite betting sports and having them permanently available in one place. Below that is a list of the sports and competitions available – each one usefully noting the number of markets available at that moment in time.

Sports & Markets

With Feverbet sportsbook being an Italian site, it naturally leads with soccer – for which there are many different leagues and tournaments available – and a single click on each opens the page up with a listing of the upcoming matches. From there you are presented with a large array of the many and various betting options. As well as the more common bets, they offer the punter overs/unders and a range of specials.

The rest of the sports in that same sidebar offer a similar number of goodies, each one tailored to the variations of the sport in question and each offering a wide range of bets.

The links work nicely and each one takes you to where you expect to go (not as obvious as it sounds), while in terms of presentation it’s nicely presented, configures perfectly and compared to some of its rivals is swift in loading the individual pages (obviously this is dependant on internet speed but like-for-like it’s at the speedy end of the spectrum).

The main body of the Feverbet sportsbook homepage focuses on in-play betting and, naturally enough, it’s in-play soccer betting that headlines.

‘Imminent’ events are also listed in the main body, every single click taking the bettor through to the aforementioned page crammed full of betting options.

But returning to the live events, every single match is one click away from opening a page that offers the punter fun and games aplenty and comes with an array of odds, together with how much time has elapsed in the match and the live score.

There is no live text or live stream facilities on Feverbet sportsbook but the main page updates automatically every few seconds, so the full live betting experience remains, albeit without the luxuries offered by some of the more high-profile books.

The bets aligned with each match are just a single click away for the punter and you are presented not only with odds, but also some very handy stats and data that will help you make your decision. Once you’ve decided, a click on the live odds then sends your bet to the betting slip, and once you’ve added the value of your stake the bet is live.

At the time of this review the odds available were in the mid-range – neither overly generous nor miserly – but, as with every bookmaker that offers in-play betting, there is value to be had if you can quickly identify it. And such is the variety of bets and markets available it’s fair to assume that almost every betting strategy is catered for.

For the sake of completeness, the right-hand sidebar is a mixed bag containing a few interesting little nuggets, but which is conventionally headed by the betting slip, or – as the good folk of Feverbet sportsbook like to describe it – the ‘speed coupon’.

Also included in this bar is what appears a section that shows graphically the running total of your bets – a nice touch (especially if you’re winning!) – and a section where you can access quick bets accompanied by some stats and data.

In general, the Feverbet sportsbook main page works well, offers a well-planned and slick experience for the bettor, and looks good.

The Technical Bit

Feverbet renders neatly on all the latest Android mobile phones, Android tablets, iPhones and iPads and, despite not having produced Android and iOS apps, it offers a very pleasing experience to the punter on the go.

The software appears reliable and robust, as you would expect from a site that is supported by some of the industries big players, and with safety being high on Feverbet sportsbook’s list of priorities, the punter is also assured of a hassle-free experience. Quote: “You can trust playing on an Italian portal. Safe, fun, and 100% legal thanks to the AAMS license”.

Feverbet sportsbook offers a bonus to all new players – a 100% match deposit offered up to a maximum of €100 – but the bonus rollover varies and is dependent on a quite complex points system based on the value of your initial deposits. If you can decipher it, you’ve earned your bonus.

Cash-out on Feverbet is an automated process so unless there are queries, IT issues or outstanding documents, this should be well within acceptable limits, with payouts usually processed within 24 hours for Italian punters.

When it comes to payment options, the site uses PostePay, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, and PayPal. They pride themselves on protecting the personal data of the bettor and all the personal information is stored away safely using sophisticated encryption methods.

In terms of the registration process, it is quite straightforward. A simple form needs to be filled out and once completed, the punter can enter their chosen gaming area and explore the services on offer.

Customer liaison is generally dealt with via email – available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – but unlike many of their competitors, Feverbet offer no live chat facilities, which is disappointing. However, the email approach appears to serve them well as an online search reveals no concerns or complaints, either with the sportsbook or the casino. There is also a telephone helpline for those who prefer the direct approach.

Final Verdict

Feverbet sportsbook is perfect for Italian players and, in truth, one of its big disappointments is that its net doesn’t extend beyond its native shores. It’s very well designed and has an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. ‘Stylish and classy’ are not terms generally associated with betting sites but, somehow, they manage to pull it off. The layout is neat, the links work and it generally does all you ask of a quality site.

The absence of a live stream slightly dilutes the enjoyment for those who thrive on in-play betting (or who just want to watch a game of soccer while they bet), and for those who love to delve into stats and data before making a bet, Feverbet offers some data but perhaps not the detail and depth of some of their competitors. However, to call it a triumph of style over substance would be unfair because it delivers the basics very well indeed.

The 100% match bonus on your first deposit is more than attractive and even if the follow-up bonus is a little hard to fathom, it is there.

With everything on Feverbet sportsbook being mobile compatible, the punter can bet on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device without losing any of the detail available on PC, and it offers an acceptable number of payment options.

Its design is neat and clean, it works, and it does the job. What’s not to like? (but only if you’re Italian!).