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105Vig Scam

The story of 105vig is one of failure from the very beginning. This book had all the signs of a scam from the start but sadly still lured players into their web of lies. 105Vig is guilty of operating illegally, having lack of security for users, and ultimately was found out to be an outright scam.

Server Based Where?

A WhoIs search of 105Vig’s domain shows the domain being created in late October 2011.[1] It was registered through GoDaddy.com, with the administrative contact being privatively obscured by DomainsByProxy.com, which a service that provides anonymity to those who want to register domains.

Shortly, after 105Vig’s inception there were a number of irregularities with their business practices. Sports Book Review quickly discovered that 105Vig was operating on a server based out of New York.

In addition, they put their users’ funds and information in jeopardy as they operated with an unencrypted login. Their goal was to entice users onto their unsecure site with a free bet/no-deposit bonus offer and -105 juice on all bets.

Operating a sports betting website from US soil or from a US server is illegal domestically. Therefore, it goes without saying 105Vig was operating without a license.

Not only that, there was no customer support phone numbers or emails provided on the website. Their technology was also behind the times as they were not operating on betting software but instead on a basic html webpage. 105Vig was also allegedly trying to process payouts via PayPal, which has never been allowed for gambling transactions in the United States.


In early November 2011, SBR issued news release on 105Vig. 105Vig was offering a free $100 bet no-deposit bonus, with a 5x rollover.

In addition, if the user lost this bonus they would be afforded a $500 credit line to wager with. Some bettors ran up their balances and requested a payout from the seemingly anonymous online bookmaker. An SBR forum thread details this debacle.

One player ran his balance up to $1650 after he was given a line of credit. The player requested a payout and was emailed the next day by a 105Vig representative that stated he “should not paid” based on the disparaging remarks he made about 105Vig in the thread posted above.

Another player was owed $100 after he completed the rollover requirements. 105Vig told him he needed $500 in the account to request a payout, a rule that was not stated anywhere on 105Vig’s website.

Word Gets Out

In early 2012, all sorts of sports betting forums and watch dog sites were realizing that 105Vig was a scam.

Threads flooded sports betting forums such as this one at the Covers.com forum.[2] According to this post at Pregame.com, even players who actually deposited their cash into the site were not paid. [3]

What Were Their Motives?

A betting site operating in the way 105Vig operated had to have ulterior motives.

Even if they were a legitimate sportsbook and were actively paying players, they would still be a massive risk to deposit into.

Their margins would be so thin with these types of bonuses, low vig and lines of credit, that the book would nearly always be on the verge of going broke.

Though they may have scammed a few unfortunate players of their deposits, most players never deposited their own money. So, what exactly was 105Vig getting out of this? It was simple, they got phone numbers, emails, and addresses of prospective bettors.

150Vig was found to be connected to a number of tout or handicapping services, most importantly, VegasSharp.com, which has a dubious reputation at best. VegasSharp.com is connected with another two dozen or so tout sites that harasses bettors by calling their cell phones and sending them text messages asking them for money for sports betting picks. All of this is done unsolicited.

105Vig was simply a way to gain information or leads on prospective bettors for their handicapping service. 105Vig was never legitimate, it was just a front to get leads for a bunch of touts.

SBR Rating Demotion and Shutdown

On the 24 of February, SBR demoted 105Vig from a D- to an F and placed them on the sportsbook blacklist. Bettors had already figured out mostly everywhere they were not being paid and this online “sportsbook” was merely to in existence to siphon personal information from bettors.

If it looks to good to be true…

It probably is. 105Vig offered options that most books would never dream giving to their customers. It wasn’t because they were generous or ignorant, it was because their still unknown management was simply going after the personal information of bettors.

It goes without saying that if 105Vig should ever come back online, bettors should steer clear. It would be wise to avoid any online “sportsbooks” related to the VegasSharps.com tout service or any of its affiliates.


[1] Link to WhoIs search of 105Vig’s domain registration – 105Vig registered with GoDaddy.com.

[2] Covers.com Forum thread about 105Vig – Word spreads about the 105Vig scam across the internet.

[3] Pregame.com news/forum post on 105Vig – Complaints about players not even getting paid.