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Scam Book: HitItBet

A relatively new player in the online scene, HitItBet was established in 2006 and caters mainly to European players and markets. Industry “watch-dog” Sportsbook Review started their coverage of HitItBet at a C+ in March 2013. By October of 2013, the site was rated a D+. How did this happen?

HitItBet Looking More Like HitAndRunBet

SBR isn’t always correct about all their information regarding online bookmakers, but on this one they were dead-on. This poor grade is justified and essentially means depositing to the site is the same as flushing your money down the drain.

HitItBet has used a policy that has never before been seen in the industry to upset and alienate customers. This article will examine that policy and hopefully will serve as a warning to be extremely careful when depositing or holding funds with HitItBet. We could recommend bettors avoid it all together.

Bookmakers and Charities: A Match Made in Heaven?

The policy alluded to above is one that is remarkably bizarre. It involves the bookmaker HitItBet and a mysterious “charity.” Read that again. This is a bookie that takes bets involved with a charity! Unbelievable!

On July 22, 2013, HitItBet was the subject of a complaint to SBR, alleging that all deposited funds, as well as winnings, were being confiscated and, you guessed it, donated to charity. The name of the charity is unknown.

It was only two days after the original complaint that HitItBet backtracked, and on July 24, facing pressure from SBR agreed to change this rule, refund the customer his full balance, and also give the customer a 10% bonus for his troubles. It appeared all was well on the charity front, at least for now.

HitItBet Bonus Issue

Before the whole charity fiasco, HitItBet also had trouble with a bonus offering.

The player attempted to cash in a €100 bonus but was denied. The reason given was that he signed up on the wrong page of the website. After a back and forth with SBR, this issue was cleared up, but it is still concerning that it took a third party to get that taken care of.

HitItBet also confiscated player bonuses if they were not cleared in 30 days, which seems a bit quick. Generally betting sites allow 60-90 days or more to clear a bonus due to rollover requirements.

While these policies are not outwardly predatory, they are questionable and slightly unsettling.

More Charity Troubles

Unfortunately, the troubles with HitItBet and the random charity were far from over.

In September 2013, just months after vowing to change the policy that angered at least one customer and caused him to temporarily lose his account balance, HitItBet confiscated another player’s balance and donated it to charity. The reason given was vague and basically said that the player violated the site’s terms and conditions but did not give a concrete example.

The complaints continued to pile up, and SBR reported that HitItBet would have “no comment” on the issue any longer. This essentially meant that players would be left to deal with the book on their own, which is usually an awful sign for those with funds at the shop.

The book was downgraded to a D+ before these facts came out. It is a wonder that they are still operating and not shut down, but there have been reports that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission has been enabling HitItBet to continue to abuse players the whole time.

HitItBet: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

This isn’t likely to be contained to an isolated case for long. In the future, there is a exceptionally high likelihood of more problems involving HitItBet. It is an issue with upper management and ownership. Innocent players are being victimized and will continue to be abused until players withdraw and choose other highly rated books.

There truly is no reason to deposit to a book rated so low in 2014. There are many reputable places to play that offer fair lines and fast, safe payouts. This goes tenfold for international players.

One has to wonder exactly what charity HitItBet donated to, or if it even donated to charity at all. Most likely, the owners of the site simply pocketed the money. In any event, bookmakers and charities usually don’t mix and for excellent reason. This book just cannot be trusted.