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Marble Racing Events Guide

Marble racing is the sport everyone is talking about. If you are new to marble racing and are interested in finding out more, this guide looks in detail at the different marble racing events on the Jelle’s Marble Runs (JMR) calendar. Keep reading to learn more about marble racing events.

Marbula One

At the time of writing, we are approaching the final race of the inaugural Marbula One season. Marbula One coincided with a major popularity boost for the sport of marble racing and this event has proved to be a huge success for JMR.

The first edition of Marubla One saw 8 races, each hosted on a different track by a different team. It is the first JMR event that involved lap based races and it follows the same format as Formula One as teams compete in qualifying before the proper race.

The Hazers currently sit at the top of the standings heading into the final race but the Savage Speeders, O’rangers and Team Galactic have all have good seasons. The last race of the Marbula One 2020 will be hosted by the Midnight Wisps on 5th April 2020.

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Marble League

The bread and butter of any serious marble racing team is the Marble League. This is the main event on the marble racing calendar and the one every marble wants to win. Formerly known as the MarbleLympics, 4 teams have won the overall title. Savage Speeders (2016), O’rangers (2017), Midnight Whisps (2018), Raspberry Racers (2019).

The Marble League or MarbleLympics takes a different format each year. Previous editions have been both summer and winter Olympics focused, with events such as team relays or curling. In general, across all the Marble League competitions, they tend to be more novelty and ‘event’ based rather than traditional races that take place in the Marble Rally or Marbula One.

The Marble League doesn’t take place at a set time each year and the next edition is yet to be announced. However, the 2019 event started in August and ran into September. One thing that we do know about the 2020 edition is that the event will be hosted by Team Galactic.

Five marbles in a row

Marble League Showdown

If your team didn’t qualify for this year’s Marble League, don’t worry. Since 2019, the Marble League Showdown has operated as a 2nd or B league to the sport’s top competition. Fans called on the sport’s governing body, the Jelle’s Marble Runs Committee (JMRC) to introduce a 2nd league where fan favourites that didn’t qualify could still compete.

The Marble League Showdown features the same events as the regular Marble League and for the very first time in 2019, fan-made teams entered the world of marble racing. After following a strict set of entry criteria and 2 rounds of fan voting, the Hornets and Turtle Sliders added to the line up for the 2019 Marble League Showdown.

Marble Rally

The Marble Rally or Sand Marble Rally is where the sport of marble racing truly found a home. Some of the JMRs most popular videos are from the Sand Marble Rally over the last few years. The courses were easy to make and when the brand didn’t have the production level it does now, it made sense to be able to produce these exciting races quickly and easily.

Compared to the more complex and higher-tech Marbula One, the Sand Marble Rally is simply a downhill course for the marbles to race in the sand. The first 2 seasons included artificial obstacles on the tracks, but these were removed from 2018 onwards to make the races more even.

The Sand Marble Rally has taken place every year since 2016, so expect 2020 to be the same. However, JMR are yet to announce the start date or any details for this year so watch this space.

Marble race

Hubelino Tournament

Probably the least well known of all the JMR events, the Hubelino Tournament has taken place bi-annually since 2016. It features lesser-known teams such as the Black Jacks and Green Gang, who do not compete in the Marble League.

The tournament takes its name from the building block toy, Hubelino, that is similar to Lego. Events for the Hubelino tournament are made exclusively from this toy. Again, no date has been set for the next edition of the Hubelino Tournament and there are rumours in the marble racing community that the event may be replaced.

The Future

One thing is for certain in the world of marble racing, change is coming. JMR have consistently added new tournaments and competitions each year, with different formats and themes. Expect more of the same in the future as the sport’s popularity and budgets continue to grow.

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