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RioCasino Bookmaker Review

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RioCasino Summary

RioCasino bookmaker is a new kid on the block as far as the sportsbook industry goes. Founded in 2018 by Playlogiq NV, it has some catching up to do with some of the long-term operators.

Looking over the layout of the sportsbook you can immediately see that there is an emphasis on color, energy, and competition. It feels like this site wants you to treat it as a laidback place to chill but it wants you to remember that its eye is still on the ball.

Unfortunately, customer service isn’t up to scratch and we recommend you sign up to one of our top-rated bookies below.

  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Ecopayz
  • Restricted Countries: United States, Canada, France, Italy, Russian Federation, Spain, United Kingdom
  • Languages: Englis and Portuguese

RioCasino Features

  • 100% no deposit bonus when you sign up
  • Free bets available on certain odds
  • Bonus offers if you deposit using Bitcoin
  • In-play betting calendar to keep track of events

Do the Promotions Beat to the Sound of the Timba?

Promotions can be a funny old thing. Some of them can cause more damage than good to a bookmaker site. Then there are those that can help to take a site to the next level. At first glance, it appears that RioCasino has a good idea of what you’re looking for when it comes to their promotions.

RioCasino bookmaker offers a number of bonuses that focus on the key areas. New players, free bets, and cryptocurrency. OK, so that last one might not be essential if you haven’t really bought into the whole Bitcoin craze but at least it shows RioCasino has a willingness to adapt to an ever-changing landscape within its industry.

The free bets offer can only be triggered when certain odds are offered. You could argue that feels a little deceptive but it’s simply RioCasino ensuring that it can offer a promotion that gives something back to you the player without putting itself out of business. You tend to find offers like this that are more cautious by the operator possess more longevity.

A no deposit bonus is always a welcome sight for you if you’re just signing up to a new sportsbook online. Sometimes, these betting sites can flatter to deceive with their casino sections boasting all the best offers and the sports betting players getting the dregs. Luckily, RioCasino puts sportsbook users like yourself on a level footing on the online betting platform. There’s no preferential treatment here.

It’s great to see a bonus promotion that turns its attention to the cryptocurrency subject. It might not be to everyone’s taste but at least RioCasino bookmaker is acknowledging the Bitcoin boom. It wasn’t that long ago that Bitcoin users were confined to the shadows of Bitcoin-specific betting sites. No more! If you want to use Bitcoin then you can. You can also get a first deposit bonus on that too! What a time to be alive!

Overall, RioCasino bookmaker could arguably offer more promotions relating to individual sports but these blanket promotions cater for everyone more or less. You’re certain to find a bonus that suits your needs and that’s when promotions work best. RioCasino could well expand their bonus section in the future but for now what they offer is more than enough.

Sports All Day and Night

Rio is the city that parties all day and all night. RioCasino is the online sportsbook that delivers sports betting all day and all night! If one word had to be used to describe what this sportsbook offers then it would be “comprehensive”.

The first look you get of the sports betting section at RioCasino bookmaker is a focus on in-play betting highlights down the center of the page. These are then sub-divided into the main sports that are active at the time you’re viewing. For example, when we checked it out they had prioritized soccertennis, and basketball. This will change depending on the time. If you’re on during the day or early evening then the US sports might take the lead. Visit late at night or early in the morning then mainstream sports from around the world that are in-play will be listed.

Every time you visit there is something different on offer to get your teeth into. Not literally! Keep your teeth away from your computer screen. SBO does not accept liability for any bite-related computer shenanigans.

On the visual front, it’s a neat touch that RioCasino haven’t listed the sports on the left column by name. Instead, they’ve gone for icons. Ooh, we know, very 21st century! OK, so this is cool as a general feature but it does move into the ambiguous realms at some points. Let’s take a look at the symbols. Soccer, easy to understand. Ice hockey, yes. Tennis, definitely. The eSports start to get a little confusing. The symbols for games such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, and League of Legends are far from convincing.

Still, the positive aspect of this is that not only are RioCasino offering these markets but they are also trying something fresh. It might not come off all the time but at least the endeavor is there. In the long term, that will surely benefit the bookmaker and you as a customer.

Mobile Mayhem

RioCasino bookmaker is an operator that is very much taking the bull by the horns. The bookmaker has clearly done its research on its rivals and has opted to design its site so that it is just as easily accessible on desktop platforms as it is on mobile and tablet devices.

The way the bookmaker is laid out you can see how it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. Eradicate the need to create a whole new mobile app to cater for the mobile market. Simply design your pages so that it transfers effectively to mobile directly.

All of the benefits you get using the online version of RioCasino are directly crossed over onto the mobile version. All of the sports, payment methods, and bonus offers you can get involved in remain. It feels like they have grasped this new age of mobile gaming and they get it. They get what you guys want from your sports betting experience on the move. Simplicity, convenience, and totality.

Payment Methods Without Misery

Payment methods can be a key factor when it comes for someone picking their chosen bookie. Are you one of those people? Well, if you are, you’ll be delighted to hear that RioCasino have put great thought and consideration into their deposit and withdrawal methods.

RioCasino has clearly taken a look around to see what works well and what is popular with customers. The statement of intent is there from the very start. When you click on the “deposits and withdrawals” link you’re greeted with a wonderful message that sets the tone.

What is that tone, we hear you ask? Well, RioCasino bookmaker state that they want to be “fun” and “thoughtless”. That sounds like the exact sort of cavalier attitude that got a lot of our reviewers in trouble at the last Christmas party. Fortunately, RioCasino is a bit more conventional and by these terms they mean that they want payment processes for their customers to be as efficient as possible.

All deposit and withdrawal methods are free of charge according to RioCasino. The operator also boasts about instantaneous transfer time for deposits and a maximum of 72 hours for withdrawals to enter your account. By all accounts, this is a blanket rule of thumb across all payment methods.

Here is a list of the 6 most popular deposit methods available with RioCasino bookmaker…

Astropay CardNo FeeInstant$5 Minimum Deposit
BitcoinNo FeeInstant$5 Minimum Deposit
Boleto BancarioNo FeeInstant$5 Minimum Deposit
Carta di CreditoNo FeeInstant$5 Minimum Deposit
EcopayzNo FeeInstant$5 Minimum Deposit
Transferencia BancariaNo FeeInstant$5 Minimum Deposit

The following methods of withdrawal are also available at RioCasino. Here is a list of the 6 most popular options…

Astropay CardNo FeeUp to 72 hours$5 Minimum Withdrawal
BitcoinNo FeeUp to 72 hours$5 Minimum Withdrawal
Boleto BancarioNo FeeUp to 72 hours$5 Minimum Withdrawal
Carta di CreditoNo FeeUp to 72 hours$5 Minimum Withdrawal
EcopayzNo FeeUp to 72 hours$5 Minimum Withdrawal
Transferencia BancariaNo FeeUp to 72 hours$5 Minimum Withdrawal

Caring for the Carnival Customer

Customer service goes a long way and it can be the crowning glory of a site if handled correctly. It can also be the death knell of an operator if their customer support falls short. How does RioCasino deliver for the everyday customer like yourself?

It’s a mixed bag, in all honesty. The site is keen to offer help where it can in the form of text messages or pointers across the site. It is precarious that the help link doesn’t load. Teething problems of a new site or a warning sign of deeper issues?

The live chat is all very well and good but having sent our initial message we are still waiting to hear from the RioCasino staff team relating to our concern. Are they all still out on the Copacabana Beach partying the night away? Or do they have more important issues delaying them? Once again, it could simply be a case of new systems needing time to settle.

We’re reluctant to judge a site like this so harshly when it comes to issues like this. Customer support does not just happen overnight. It takes time and work to get it right. The positive side is that RioCasino appear to have an intention to offer a number of methods of contact for customers.

Email is the most reliable option to use if you are keen to get a reply as soon as you can. Unfortunately, the RioCasino mantra of “C.A.R.E – Customers Are Really Everything!” isn’t quite being practiced as they preach. Hopefully, that will change sooner rather than later.

RioCasino: The Final Word

RioCasino bookmaker can best be described as a work-in-progress. The initial groundwork is clearly there for a site that can become a big presence on the sportsbook stage.

The operator obviously has some issues still to address. The lack of communication from the customer support team is a concern. We didn’t experience any big issues during our time on the site but if you were to encounter payment processing problems or urgently needed to contact their staff team, then that lack of clarity becomes alarming.

There are better bookies elsewhere so check out our best betting sites below.