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Betting Strategies

If you’re serious about making consistent profit in sports betting, finding an effective betting strategy is key. Using your instincts can only get you so far, so it’s important to have a plan in place to take on the bookies.

Our aim at SBO.net is to make it easy for you to make good bets and enjoy yourself. That’s why our expert team has compiled a list of the most effective sports betting strategies from around the world. Check out our guides below to expand your sports betting knowledge.

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NFL Buying Points

Have you ever wished an NFL point spread was a little different? Sportsbooks let you change the spread by buying points. Keep reading to learn more about buying points on NFL games.

NFL Totals

Betting on totals can be just as profitable as picking winners or handicapping the point spread. Read our guide to learn how to get the most from NFL totals betting.

Bankroll Management

Even the best sports betting strategy will fall apart of you don’t carefully manage your money. Our guide will show you how to practice smart bankroll management while you bet on sports.

NFL Lines

The NFL is the most popular league for betting in the United States. Learn how sportsbooks set NFL lines and how you can take advantage of them with our complete guide.

Wong Teasers

Wong teasers are a system that finds the most profitable points to buy in your teaser bets. Read our guide to learn how you can make Wong teasers at online sportsbooks.

Which Sports to Bet On?

Betting sites let you bet on almost anything. However, it’s best to take a more focused approach. Read on to learn how to decide which sports you should bet on.

Arbitrage Betting

Have you ever wished that you could win money at sports betting without taking even the slightest risk? If so, then arbitrage betting is the system for you.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting allows you to enjoy spread betting on football, both on full and fractional goals. Read more to learn exactly how this popular betting system works.

Tote Systems

Tote systems are commonly used in horse racing, and feature a betting pool from which winners take their earnings. Read our guide to tote systems to learn how they work.

Poisson Distribution

The Poisson distribution can be used to create predictive models to aid your sports betting. Read our guide to learn how to use the Poisson distribution to make your own betting model.

The Hunt For Value In Sports Betting

In the long run, the only way to beat the sportsbooks is to find bets that offer you value. Read our guide to learn how you can find value bets.

Understanding Probability, Odds And Overround (Vig)

Why do sportsbooks set the odds they do? How can you figure out how big an edge the bookmaker has? Learn all this and more with our guide to probability, odds, and overround.

Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion is a bet sizing system designed to grow your bankroll as quickly as possible. Read more to learn how you can implement the Kelly Criterion to meet your needs.

Sweetheart Teasers

Sweetheart teasers attempt to entice you with even bigger shifts in the point spread than a standard teaser. But are these special bets really worth your time?

Malaysian Odds

Malaysian odds use both positive and negative numbers to express a variety of different payouts. While they may look confusing, we’ll show you how to read them.

Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong odds are similar to decimal odds, but with a slight local twist. Read on to learn how to interpret Hong Kong odds at your favourite betting site.

Indonesian Odds

Indonesian odds combine the simplicity of decimal odds with the plus and minus numbers of American odds, allowing you to see favourites and underdogs at a glance.

Winning at Sports Betting

Have you ever wondered exactly what it takes to win at sports betting? This guide outlines what it takes to beat the sportsbooks in the long run.

Implied Probability

Implied probability tells you how often you should win a bet based on the odds and payouts being offered. Keep reading to learn how to calculate this critical sports betting number.

Exotic Bets

Learn how Exotic bets – also known as prop bets – allow you to bet on every aspect of a match, as well as outcomes that go well beyond sport.

Pleaser Bets

The opposite of a teaser bet, a pleaser allows you to move the odds in the sportsbook’s favour to increase your payouts. Read on to learn how to best use pleaser bets.

American Odds

American odds are the preferred format for displaying odds at online sportsbooks in the US. Learn how to understand the payouts you’ll get with this unique odds system.

Future Bets

Are you more interested on betting your team to win the league rather than the outcome of their next match? Learn how you can do that with future betting.

Lucky 15

The Lucky 15 bet combines a four-fold accumulator bet with every combination of single, double, and treble bets among those same four bets. Read on to learn more about Lucky 15 bets.

Yankee Bets

A Yankee bet covers every possible parlay containing four bets, including all two, three, and four-leg parlays for 11 bets in total. Read on to learn more about Yankee bets.


Accumulators give you the opportunity to combine multiple bets in order to potentially win huge payouts. Read our accumulators page to learn how to make these exciting bets!

Teaser Bets

Teaser bets present you with more favourable point spreads on parlays, in exchange for lower payouts. Our guide explains when and how you can bet on teasers at online sportsbooks.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is the simplest way to place a bet, as you simply pick which team will win a game or match. Click here to learn more about moneyline bets!

Line Shopping

No matter what sport you bet on, you should always try to get the best odds possible. Learn how line shopping can instantly improve your sports betting results.

Parlay Betting Strategies

Parlays are often seen as sucker bets, but there are ways to turn them to your advantage. Read our guide to parlay strategy to learn how to get the most from these bets.

Parlays in Sports Betting

In a parlay bet, you must predict multiple outcomes in order to win. That means higher risk, but also higher payouts. Keep reading to learn more about how parlays work.

Understanding Fractional Odds

Also known as UK odds, you’ll find fractional odds most frequently at British bookmakers. Keep reading to learn how to read this traditional and popular betting odds format.

Explaining Decimal Odds

By far the most common way to display odds at online sportsbooks, decimal odds give you an easy way to see how much you stand to win each time you place a bet.